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Gushi's parents by NikuReach Gushi's parents by NikuReach

Gushi's parents by NikuReach

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Heya it's Niku! ( ´ ` )

These two are Gushi's parents! They don't really look like a likely couple do they? Uh... A bit of a mystery, huh? (゚ペ)

The woman to the right is actually Gushi's step-mother, which Gushi's dad married when Gushi was around 12 years old (he's 15 now). I'll call them Mr Osaka and Mrs Osaka. Isn't it funny how short and small Mr Osaka is compared to Mrs Osaka! (^^~)

Mr Osaka is a very short, weak little thing that looks pretty pathetic, but he's actually more powerful than he looks. The Boss of many major companies, he's always busy at the office and taking calls. Very intelligent and since he's done so successfully in his life, he sometimes puts a bit too much pressure on his children to do the same, whenever he is at home, which is rarely. -.-

Mrs Osaka / the Step-mother is very tall, curvy and has the body and face of a model. Very beautiful, but is a bit crabby with the kids and spoilt to her husband. Many just think that she married Mr Osaka for the money, which the children are aware of. She's hardly at home, because she's often either shopping with Mr Osaka's money or going out drinking. Not the best 'motherly' character. (;´`)>

Since Mr Osaka is very successful, you might wonder why they live in a normal house in a normal neighbourhood and sending their kids to a normal school. That's because Mr Osaka spoils his wife a bit TOO much and they do not have much to spend on the family. (_- )

So what about Gushi's real mum? Sadly, she died when Gushi was around 11 years old. How did she die? Was Gushi's childhood effected because Gushi's step-mum and dad was never home and his mother passed away? All will be revealed soon!

For such a happy character, Gushi has actually gone through a lot of hard times... ( ゚д)

Oh yeah, by the way, this is the clothing they would wear at night! Gushi's step-mum wouldn't wear fancy clothing like that all the time, just when she's going out. And Gushi's dad is in an outfit that is ready to be in the office all night. ^0^

Next will hopefully be Takara's siblings! ( ^ω^)ノ゚

See ya! La la la la 
Karacolours Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist
I like how you added so much story to the characters! it really brings them to life. :)
NikuReach Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I really do blabber way too much on my descriptions though... Nobody cares THAT much... Sweating a little... 
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